Frequently asked questions

What is Eduwonka?

Eduwonka is a web-based school management software that can be used for several purposes. For example, you can use it to maintain student records, admission details, staff records, course details, fee structures, etc. It also helps you to store, manage and obtain all the data related to your school easily and quickly. Anyone with permission can access Eduwonka from anywhere.

What are the different types of educational institutes that can use Eduwonka?

Any small, medium or large schools and universities that require proper school management can use Eduwonka. This includes kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges, universities and even coaching institutions.

What makes Eduwonka different from other school management software?

Eduwonka is a robust school management software with advanced features. It was designed and developed by our software experts after years of research. The software can be easily customised as per the requirements of the institutions. The best part of it? We are user- friendly, intuitive and seamless – and you do not need to be a data scientist to get the best out of Eduwonka!

Do you provide training to use Eduwonka school management software?

Yes, our team will provide you with a proper onboarding session once you sign up with us. You’ll also receive regular webinars and 24 hours tech support from us.

What are the main features of Eduwonka under Academics?

Syllabus tracker, student performance charts, performance by class/levels, report card automation, assignment trackers – these are some of the features offered under Academics in Eduwonka school management software.

How will Eduwonka help me in the academic management of my school?

Our school management software can help you collate student results to provide data rich insights into your class/level overall academic performance. Our data visualizations and academic dashboards also provide you with insights you can’t otherwise get with rows of data, enabling you to see patterns you might otherwise miss. Our school management software also helps you with the tracking and attendance of students and staff.

Which school syllabus is supported by Eduwonka?

It supports the syllabus of all the major Indian boards, ICSE, CBSE and ISE. It is also compatible with most internationally recognised syllabuses, such as Cambridge and International Baccalaureate.

Is it possible to maintain the history of all the students with Eduwonka?

Yes, you can keep the record of all the students from the day they join till the day they leave your school. You can also store these records for future use after the student leaves your school.

How will Eduwonka school management software help me with managing the financial processes of my school?

Eduwonka school management software is designed to keep your financial management hassle-free. It helps in reducing your financial paperwork and makes the processes such as tracking of outstanding payments effortless.

What are the main financial features of Eduwonka?

Eduwonka offers the following features for financial management:
  • Book-keeping
  • Payslip generator
  • Fee management tool to track incoming and outstanding payments
  • Reminders – send out reminders for outstanding payments
  • Expense tracker to track school costs and ensure the financial health of your institution

Can parents pay the fee online with your school management software?

Yes, with Eduwonka, you can now safely and securely make school fee payments online.

Is my financial data protected?

Security of your data is our top priority and we use advanced security measures to protect your data from any thefts and viruses. Our school management software also lets you configure security requirements by letting you decide who to give access to.

Can everyone in the school use Eduwonka?

This depends on the set up of the software within your school, along with access control permissions. Eduwonka school management software can be used by teachers, IT staff, administration, HR department, parents and even students.

Can we make a timetable with the help of Eduwonka?

Yes, our academic features include a timetable tracker for the academic year. This function is available to all students, teachers and parents and the view differs greatly between these three groups. Students and parents get access to their own timetables, while teachers get access to the timetables of all the classes they teach, enabling them to better plan their students’ time and capacity.

Can we export the data from this Eduwonka school management software?

Yes, the data in Eduwonka can easily be exported externally.

Is it possible to track teacher’s attendance with Eduwonka?

Yes, you can keep a record of the attendance of all teachers, staff and students with our school management software.

Is it possible to communicate with parents using Eduwonka?

Yes, Eduwonka has different features that make communication easy between parents and teachers. You can even use Eduwonka on mobile to send real-time updates and messages to parents.

What are the communication-based tools in Eduwonka school management software?

The main communication-based tools in Eduwonka school management software are: 
  a. Mobile diary: With a mobile diary, you can broadcast essential updates to parents simultaneously at once.
b. Inbuilt messenger: Parents can communicate with teachers directly about any concerns related to their child’s academic performance.
c. SMS broadcast: With this feature, you can broadcast messages to multiple people at once.
d. Notifications: Keep everyone updated on important changes in the academic year, related to syllabus, timetable, examination schedule, events, etc.

What kind of updates are sent by Eduwonka communication tools?

You can share updates on school holidays, changes in timetable, changes in syllabus, exams and class test schedules, student performance updates and more.

Why is data analytics important in school management?

Data analytics is an essential component of school management because it helps in making more informed and data-driven decisions to improve your school operations.

Is it possible to check students’ performance through Eduwonka?

Eduwonka lets you keep detailed records of students’ performance and progress throughout their entire school life. You can check their performance from the day joined the school, up till their last day.

Can Eduwonka also help in keeping track of the school’s financial records?

Yes, with the help of our financial dashboards, you can track school fees and other arrears. You can also compare the expenses and income of the entire year through our data rich dashboards and visualisations so you never miss out on anything.

Can Eduwonka also keep track of school inventories?

Yes, you can track and manage school inventories and facilities with Eduwonka dashboards. Eduwonka will also let you know in advance if your school is running out of supplies and if it requires to purchase any kind of stationery or inventory.

What do you mean by Access Control?

Access control is a security technique that regulates who or what can view or use resources in a computing environment. It is a fundamental concept in security that minimizes risk to the business or organisation.

What are the benefits of Eduwonka’s Access Control feature?

Eduwonka can protect your school’s data from unauthorised access. You can control and provide personalised access to authorised people for different school facilities. It gives you complete privacy by saving student, teacher and school information and data records from outsiders and hackers.

Will my school’s financial data be secured with Eduwonka?

Yes, Eduwonka is intelligently designed to protect any data, whether it is financial data, exam papers, results or any other relevant material. You can restrict and provide department-specific access control to your data. You can also offer person-specific control to data with Eduwonka and secure it with passwords.

How can Eduwonka help in infrastructure management?

Managing the infrastructure of schools and colleges is huge and difficult task. Eduwonka’s infrastructure management feature ensures the proper and timely management of facilities in the school’s hostels, library, classroom, etc. Eduwonka also helps in managing the inventory of the entire school. It can keep you informed about the vacant seats, beds or the supplies that are running out of stock.

What are the benefits of Eduwonka’s infrastructure management feature?

There are many benefits of Eduwonka’s infrastructure management feature, including:  
a. It helps in the better organisation of school property and supplies. You can track your assets and get a detailed estimate of all the assets you have, or you require to purchase.
b. It strictly controls the waste, misuse and theft of school assets, inventory and stationery.  
c. The whole process of allocating, distributing and collecting school assets becomes straightforward, faster and trackable.

Is it possible to check school inventory through mobile?

Yes, with our mobile app, you can access, track and maintain a record of the entire school’s inventory.

Is the school’s inventory data secured with Eduwonka?

Yes, Eduwonka allows you to provide person and department-specific access which helps in keeping your inventory data secured from unauthorized use.

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