Why academic management systems are crucial in deciding the future of education

Why academic management systems are crucial in deciding the future of education

“Digital transformation is a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.”

Digital is the future, and with the current wave of disruption sweeping the education ecosystem, with virtual classrooms to on-demand lectures and real-time skill assessments to online assignment submissions - the future seems fast, rapid and tech-savvy. In such a scenario, the role played by an academic management system becomes not just imperative for an educational institution but also for the future of education overall.

For an educational institution, an academic management system is central to all operations associated with the functioning and workflows of the body - from attendance management to communications to online assessment and reporting and everything that falls in between; imagine how difficult it is to manage a school without a robust school management system and software. Starting from point applications that resolve specific pain points and academic bottlenecks to school ERPs and now academic management systems, the education industry has come a long way in its technology alignment.

Why academic management systems are crucial in deciding the future of education

  1. Scheduled, ad hoc and urgent Communications: Educational communications are important; they are the channel that nourish an all-round holistic development of a student – for example, communications containing information related to task assignments, along with tagging parents on certain important tasks that may involve guardian’s role. Instead of the conventional parent-teacher meetings we are used to, a two-way communication channel delivered through an academic management system really adds value to the overall functioning of the institution.
  2. Access to parents and relevant stakeholders: A student spends more time at his home rather than at the school. The role that his/her home plays in their overall grooming depends greatly on the amount of attention paid by his parents and guardians. Through a school management system and software, a parent can look through his child’s grades, attendance, time schedule, results and reports, along with extra-curricular achievements – providing visibility into the areas where more focus is needed and areas where the child’s strength lies, allowing the child to develop it further. As goes the trend, the future of education will be pretty outcome centric; focus will be laid on areas with substantial contribution to the future employability of the student. Therefore, this functionality of a school management system is substantially crucial for the future paradigm of education.
  3. Easy & effective administration: It may be one of the most cliched use of a school management software, but it is the one with the most weightage. Administrative effectiveness is a need that an educational institution of the future will require, to say the least, only with add-on features and functionalities. The future tech-disruption in education will build upon the basic (core) functions of an academic management system.
  4. Availability of more & better learning content: The day is not far when online learning platforms and visual media content agencies and companies will come up with plans and incentives to onboard schools and other educational institutions at cheaper costs. This model is already being followed by many tech vendors, research portals and databases. An ultimate icing on the cake will be its last mile connectivity with an academic management system, providing real-time access to the students and institutions with subscriptions. The school management system and software will remain central to this implementation; without this central piece of system, the future of premium content dissipation cannot be executed.
  5. Exhaustive learning management: Issues related with administration, financials, scholarships, transport management, attendance and other workflows can best be handled through a school management system and software. To step with these in the future and align effectively with AI and ML capabilities, academic management systems provide the base.

The best school management systems such as Eduwonka are all about increasing efficiency and making life easy for an institution’s administrative staff. It is also about being future ready on all ICT parameters and changing paradigms of the ed-tech space.

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