School management software to help bring your school community together

School management software dashboard

School management software to help bring your school community together

The fact that analytics helps us in arriving at intelligent decisions is a long-established fact.

In learning and development, the same is brought into practice through a school management software to aid in learning and education. This means analysing the progress of the child’s academics and the health of the institution through a 360 degree view of the students - spanning attendance, grade cards, extracurricular inclination, health check-ups, financial discipline, transportation and logistics etc. The benefits reaped from data analytics are huge and the future planning aspects of an educational institution attains a whole new level of maturity.

Daily schedule of teachers in school management software

The real value-addition comes when the same fundamentals are leveraged by a multitude of stakeholders spread across parents, students, teachers, school administration and heads for shared decision making or measuring the progress for total visibility. Eduwonka’s best in breed school management software system will not only deliver this but also establish a seamless flow between the respective modules, generate and target communications at the click of a button, thus bringing together all stakeholders in great confidence.

  • Through an academic management system, teachers may now devote more time in teaching rather than spending time doing trivial administrative work. Instead of running around places for their daily tasks, a teacher will now get a centralized access of the curriculum, syllabus, progress reports and grades, assignments and assessments, along with the history of all communications sent to parents and guardians so far, all through a centralized access. Such visibility gives the instructors an unparalleled insight about where to save or put more effort with regards to a certain area of a student’s academics or otherwise.

  • Through Eduwonka’s school management software, school administrators may now put more focus into organising and strategising the academic and extra-curricular calendar for the year. This will then be supplemented with all the facts and figures of previous years alongside an estimate of the inventory and human resource available to them in the current year. Instead of estimating availability, human resource and vacant calendar spots to decide on school events, examination schedules and extra-curricular activities, a well-calculated and analysed decision can then be made with the appropriate information.

  • Eduwonka’s best school management software system will also provide real time visibility into people, processes and things in the organisation; and the control to manage changes in job responsibilities of employees, as well as the design and workflow of processes and the things associated with them. This will then let the Principal derive actionable insights from it. Also, through one click of a button, the principal may send out desired communication to a selected audience for a specific purpose or a notification for a change.

  • Students and parents are the two important cogs of the school community’s wheel and are now spared from remembering everything related to their academic curriculum. Eduwonka’s academic management system brings together timetables, school announcements, assignment grades, teachers’ meeting schedules, as well as important notifications and messages for the parents, in one single dashboard to take note and remain cognizant of their child’s progress in his or her academics. Timely notifications also serve the purpose of reminding them about important events such as upcoming assignment deadlines, exams and parent-teacher meetings, etc.

Syllabus tracking in school management software Eduwonka

Bringing in operational efficiencies and reduced costs in school administration, along with savings from fraud, waste and abuse are the greatest benefits brought about by Eduwonka’s school management software.

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