How technology is transforming education

How technology is transforming education

We are living in an era where education has taken the digital route for good. It is not just for assisting students at various levels (from Kindergarten to K-12 and University) to grasp subjects of their interest in a much faster and easier way but also helping them keep track of their performance on a day-to-day basis for their long-run aptitude and skill development.

Facts, figures, tricks and techniques when visualised are retained longer in any normal learner’s brain. Application of the same becomes easy and effective - not just in exams, but in day to day problems as well. From distributing work to a certain pool of human resource to finding an optimal solution to an operations problem – the online mode of education delivery is bridging gaps and making education more applicable, both in boardrooms and in everyday life.

However, a 100 percent online mode of delivery might need challenging levels of self-discipline, consistency, self direction, greater work and related things without face-to-face interactions, little to no problem-solving sessions and related guidance. There are voids in this delivery model that need course correction, or else the entire purpose of online education will lose its sheen.

As a school management software, Eduwonka steps in just at the right place by pitching in with relevant solutions that effectively assist educational institutions with assistance to peripheral activities that play an important catalyst to the effective delivery of education.

Eduwonka understands that along with educational performance, administrative effectiveness of an institution is equally important for the overall growth of a student and knowledge pool of this generation.

Particularly for a student, an online assessment of his education when effectively mapped with his curricular and extra-curricular activities and that of his school, results in an effective growth to his/ her overall educational performance.

Eduwonka, with its state-of-the-art analytics and dashboard functionalities lead to the effective monitoring of the infrastructural, managerial and financial health of an Institution. This monitoring gives a bigger picture, while providing actionable insights into the entire educational landscape.

How technology is transforming education

Let’s look at them in a little more detail:

  1. Infrastructure: Eduwonka’s infrastructure module helps keep track of the school’s operations through effective monitoring of school’s supplies, hostel inventory, library books and transport fleet.
  • Eduwonka’s analytics engine keeps a ready calculation of the necessary supplies required for a school to conduct its operations and alerts the institution in case of any lag, so that timely procurement can be done
  • It provides timely monitoring of hostel’s inventory to make sure that the students and the support staff do not fall short of any important commodity necessary for conducting for daily operations
  • Eduwonka provides a record of the number of books issued, to which student, timely received books, books received late, missing books, newly procured books, listing of new requirements from respective faculties and number of books awaiting tagging, so that supply chain of educational material in the institution can be effectively established
  • It also provides for analytical solution through which school’s transport fleet can optimise its transport-route and achieve the double objective of cost saving and ensuring safety of the staff and students
  1. Managerial: Haphazard execution of managerial tasks of an educational institution can prove to be a bottleneck in school’s day to day operational activities. Eduwonka has modules that help in the smooth execution of the operational tasks:
  • Handle enquiries, responses and subsequent actions taken on the queries
  • Track attendance performance of a student on-the-go for any academic year
  • Central view of students’ and teachers’ timetables
  • Noticeboard announcements that ensure no information fails to reach an intended recipient
  1. Financial: Eduwonka provides ease to an institution’s process of financial record keeping. Assessing financial performance throughout the year helps an institution stay on top their fiscal processes and avoid delays from all ends.
  • Bookkeeping all incoming and outgoing payments from a school, so that no money is lost during a transaction
  • Generate payslips through simplifying an automated payroll process
  • Automated messaging through an in-built messenger that follows up on payments for outstanding fees and track all incoming payments from student’s fees • Enable staff and administration to track school’s expenses efficiently and facilitate reimbursement in a timely manner.

Eduwonka’s analytical solutions for schools, universities and other educational institutions help them stay on top of their game both in terms of educational performance and Intelligent performance of their ddministrative tasks.

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