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India’s Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the most mainstream boards for students in India. It is especially suited for students who wish to go on and sit for competitive examinations to determine college placements and vocational training. Eduwonka understands the aims of CBSE board and empowers the institutes who opt for it in various ways.


It is a prerequisite for every institute to keep up with the syllabus of their board. This is made extremely efficient with Eduwonka, which provides each institution with syllabuses panning subjects and standards digitally. Exam patterns panning various standards are also provided to them. Moreover, Eduwonka also understands that CBSE board is used by students who aim for competitive exams after school. Keeping this in mind, it also comes with syllabuses for IIT-JEE, AIPMT etc.


Eduwonka allows students to keep track of their timetable on a daily basis. Details regarding theory and practical exams, marking schemes, paper rechecking and the eligibility criteria for exams are also easily made available to the students through the digital noticeboard and events calendar. Moreover, information regarding various exams are provided to the students to help them prepare for them. It is essential for each institution to stay updated with the rules, regulations and syllabus of their board. Eduwonka makes this easy by providing them with notifications of changes in curriculum or policy of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The students are also updated about the timetable, model papers and other academic news with ease.

Data analytics:

Eduwonka allows the institution to analyse the performances of each student panning different standards and classes. This allows the teachers to plan workshops, hold separate enrichment classes for students who require them, etc. It also lets the institution to note their performance in totality in comparison to other institutions. This allows the management to update themselves and implement changes in accordance to the requirements.


Enables them to keep up with the syllabus digitally

Allows them to assess their strengths and weaknesses by providing them with analytical data about their performances

Comes with an events calendar that reminds students about upcoming events.

Provides the students with information about getting their papers re-checked, re-appearing for exams and other such notifications using the noticeboard.

Provides the students with information about the competitive exams that they plan on sitting for.

Details regarding national level talent search exams are also exclusively presented to the students.

Provides the students with examination patterns from previous years to help them sit for the exams


The wide variety of things that fall under management were made much easier to handle with Eduwonka. Now, we handle everything with digital efficiency. It is easy to keep a bird’s eye view on the various academic details and keep the institution working with ease. For e.g., Each notification from the NCERT reaches us swiftly allowing us to implement them with ease. Hostel, transport, library management has also become so much easier. Overall, the working of the institution as a whole has become much more efficient with Eduwonka.

As a teacher aiming for the highest standards, it is my duty to keep students updated about the various examinations that they have to sit for after school. This is made easy for me with the myriad of details Eduwonka provides me with. Not only is the board syllabus made available to me, Eduwonka provides me with syllabuses, exam patterns and papers from previous years for various competitive exams. This enables me to help them on a dual basis and makes the course much more enriching for them.

I was a student who had her goals set. I wanted to study engineering at a reputed institution after school. This was a goal that Eduwonka helped me achieve with an immense amount of help from all fronts. I was provided with syllabuses, exam patterns, examination dates, previous year papers, reference books, etc. All this help enabled me to chase my dreams and truly achieve what I wanted!

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