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It is internationally known that Cambridge Assessment International Education is one of the most recognised boards around the world. Being a part of the University of Cambridge, this board aims at the holistic development of their students on a global level. Eduwonka understands the aims of this board and caters to those in a way that helps the board achieve them.


Cambridge board comes with a wide range of subjects that are made available to the students. The syllabus for all these subjects, ranging from all standards, are made available to both the teachers and students with the help of syllabus trackers. That aside, individual digital timetables are offered to the users to help them keep up with ease. Eduwonka understands that Cambridge students aim for the important milestone exams, which is why it comes equipped with an events calendar and a notice board to help the students stay updated about the important examinations.


Eduwonka essentially does away with all the tedious paperwork that clogs the working of an institution, replacing it all with digital features instead. These amenities provide a bird’s eye view of the institution to management, keeping them up to date about everything, ranging from the financial health of the institution to the infrastructure operations. The institution can also track every incoming query or message and come up with effective solutions for them. On the other hand, the students and teachers are provided with digital noticeboards, timetables and dashboards to help them stay up to date as well as improve their performances.

Data analytics:

Eduwonka understands how much analytical feedback from an objective source can help its users. This is why it comes with built-in data analytics that provides insights to the users regarding their performances. The teachers are provided with information about the strengths and weaknesses of their students academically and behaviorally. With these insights, they can plan out workshops or enrichment activities to improve the performances of the students. Likewise, the students are provided with a record of their strengths and weaknesses as well. The management also receives insights about their performance as a whole, allowing them to come up with solutions and work on improvements where necessary.


Help them cover their extensive syllabus systematically with the use of the syllabus tracker

Help stay updated about internal and external exams using the digital noticeboard

Built in SMS feature to keep students and staff updated

Use the events calendar to stay informed about the events in the institution

A smart dashboard to help track their individual performances and gauge their strengths and weaknesses

Easy communication between student and teacher to help them do away with doubts easily

Provides digital timetables to the students to stay updated about their classes

Provides updates regarding syllabus changes and examination related queries with ease through easy communication facilities.


Going through my O’Levels examinations meant that I had to deal with an extensive workload, with syllabus panning various subjects. While I was initially apprehensive about it, I dove right in thinking about how it would inevitably help my career in the future. Soon enough, the syllabus load alongside the practicals, projects, etc. got a little too much for me. However, with Eduwonka’s syllabus tracker and data analytical features, I could jump right back into the game easily by keeping a close eye on my performance.

Being the principal of my school requires me to keep an eye on every department of my school and ensure its smooth operations. While this is usually a very big task, Eduwonka made it very easy for me. With a bird’s eye view into the workings of every department, I now have constant access to every detail of my institution. I can keep an eye on the department of finance, on infrastructure, academics to name a few, while also receiving objective feedback about the performance of the institution as a whole. Eduwonka promotes a holistic development of my institution that wasn’t a possibility earlier.

As a teacher, it is my duty to make sure that my students are performing well. This is something that Eduwonka helps me execute through seamless planning using their syllabus tracker and digital timetable facilities. Eduwonka also provides me with objective feedback of the performance of my students. This helps me gauge the strengths and weaknesses of my students academically and otherwise. Using this information, I can plan workshops, special classes and encourage them to develop their strengths so as to be able to actively pursue them in the future.

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