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University education is all about taking it to the next level. Eduwonka understands the pressures faced by universities all over the world in providing the students with state-of- the-art and seamless facilities. Eduwonka also understands the challenges faced by the students in aiming to balance academics alongside other co-curricular activities and trying to learn to the best of their abilities.

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Eduwonka comes with amenities that makes planning lessons and timetables easy for the lecturers as well as the students. With a syllabus tracker that helps keep up with the extensive syllabus for each level of specialization for each faculty, an events calendar general to the university as well as specific to each faculty and constant updates regarding student GPA, Eduwonka allows each faculty to keep several factors in mind to prepare a holistic academic plan. The event calendar is made available to the students as well which helps the student committees and clubs plan events effectively.


Eduwonka understands the importance of communication. This is precisely why it comes with various features which allows teacher-student communication daily. In providing the students with facilities to reach out to their lecturers, they can overcome their academic queries with ease while the lecturers can also reach out to the students regarding their GPA and performances when required. Apart from this, Eduwonka communicates constant updates regarding the institution facilities to the management alongside updates regarding academics, events etc. to the students.

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Eduwonka understands just how hectic the life of a university student might get which is why it comes equipped with various tools and features to help them keep track of their extensive syllabus through a syllabus tracker, a timetable tracker and the various events in college through an events calendar and noticeboard that’s updated regularly.


Eduwonka presents students with real-time insights into their academic performances. Students can stay updated about their academic performances and wherein their strengths and weaknesses lie. The teachers and the management are informed about theirs as well. With this feature, every institution is provided with objective feedback regarding every aspect of their performances allowing them plenty of room to improve.

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Provides tools and features for students to keep up with their extensive syllabus
Makes it easy for management to keep an eye on infrastructure and facilities with tools that oversee hostel, transport and other infrastructure.
Provides timely updates about school events to students.
Detailed analysis of the student’s performances to help them keep an eye on their weaknesses and strengths.
Assists in helping college clubs and associations plan and execute various events with ease through updates on the events calendar.
Allows easy hostel management with facilities that help keep track of room availability, attendance and much more.
Assurance of smooth working of a library with constant tracking of books made available to the management.
A bird’s eye view of each department scaling from finance to hostel provided to the Dean to ensure the seamless operations of the university.


I never expected my usually shy and reserved child Nandini to come home jumping with joy with accounts of school activities but ever since Eduwonka entered the scenario, it has been so! Nandini used to be a very shy child who would open up to select people only. Due to this, her presence in class would not be felt at all. In fact, her shyness was so severe that each time the teacher would ask her questions, she would begin to cry! But with Eduwonka’s features which helped me maintain a relationship with her teacher, I could inform the teacher about the activities generally adored by Nandini. The teacher then went on to use them and the results were absolutely miraculous!

The productivity of my teaching staff has skyrocketed ever since we resorted to this software. Earlier, we would hold various meetings over a large span of time to decide on timetables and teaching plans that would be perfectly viable for the teachers and the students. This is a process that has been made much easier with the help of various tools provided by Eduwonka. Now, planning classes, amending study plans, following the syllabus and even keeping up with student attendance has become so much easier!

My management staff has truly upgraded from mediocre to the very best due to this software. With the amenities that the tools of Eduwonka provides us with, my staff can now cover every aspect of the institution. For e.g.: Transport is a very important factor and with Eduwonka, my management staff can keep a detailed account of the children who are present, those who are absent, who the driver is and the route that’s being taken! Other areas are also dealt with as much care because of the tools provided to us by Eduwonka. This has led to the management section of my institution becoming extremely useful and helping in the overall smooth functioning of our institution.


Entering university is equivalent to choosing one’s field of work. It is truly a shaping decision in every student’s life. University life brings to a student gleaming hope but alongside it comes apprehension, an extensive syllabus that one must specifically work hard to excel in, stress and anxiety, plenty of classes and various cultural as well as creative activities. Eduwonka understands just how it the weight of it can take a toll on every student’s life and aims to ease these pressures away with its smart and intuitive functions and tools.

Students are provided with syllabus trackers which helps them keep an eye on their lessons.
Real-time insights into their academic performances to keep an eye on their weaknesses and strengths.
Tools to help manage their hostel needs.
Finance feature to help track any outstanding university fees and payments.
Relationships maintained with the parents to be aware of how one can make the experience better for the child.
A separate events calendar to keep up with activities in university and help plan them if necessary.
They are provided with timetable trackers to make sure they don’t miss a single class or event.
Daily notifications regarding the different cultural and academic events.
Easy communication with lecturers and other faculty members through a member directory that provides easy search
University truly was one of the most shaping times of my life. It was at that time that I realized that if I did not take my studies seriously, I would not get the job that I’d been dreaming about for so long. Once I decided to be serious about my studies, I realized that the features Eduwonka provides me with are genuinely brilliant.

With their syllabus tracker and digital timetable, I could always keep up academically. However, what truly helped me was their objective data analysis feature which provided me with constant updates about my performances and helped me analyse my weaknesses alongside my strengths. Today, I have my dream job and had it not been due to the various facilities that Eduwonka made available to me, it might not have been possible.
Besides being a university student, I am also planning to start my own business venture. This is something that would lead to a lot of clashes from time to time. I would sometimes end up missing my classes or not be able to keep up with college events.

However, with Eduwonka’s timely notifications, the digital event calendar and the syllabus tracker, things have become infinitely simpler for me. I can now easily manage my schedule and get all my work done on time!
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