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Secondary school consists of a very crucial period in every student’s life. It is the time when students have to decide on the academic stream they’re best suited for since this transforms into the vocation of their choice in the years to come. This inherent pressure on them requires a sensitive approach from the institution. Eduwonka caters to this with the features it comes with. It assists the institution reach its peak capabilities and helps make the schooling experience of every student something that they can truly learn from.

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Planning is a very crucial part of every institution. Be it the teachers who need to plan out the lessons for each class or the management who need to ensure the smooth working of each department, planning is a crucial step. Eduwonka facilitates this process seamlessly with its various features and functions. With Eduwonka, infrastructure planning is also made infinitely easier.


Secondary school is a time when a student comes into their own. In times like these, it is crucial for a parent to stay updated to be able to guide their children in the right direction. This is something that Eduwonka caters to by ensuring clear communication between the institution and the parent. Eduwonka understands that only with clear communication between them is a student is automatically exposed to a cooperative environment in which they can grow to the maximum of their capabilities.

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For an institution to ensure that each child reaches their full potential, it is necessary for them to track the education plan laid out for them. They must oversee how each child is faring. They must make sure that their parents are up to date with the school curriculum. With the help of constant feedback regarding the academic performances of the students, both the institution and the parents can make a note of the strengths and weaknesses of each child. They also need to ensure that the management facilities are operating normally – this includes the hostel, library and transport. Eduwonka understands how important tracking every minute detail of the institution is and ensures that its software provides real-time updates on a school’s operational performance.


Data analytics and visualizations is the power driver of Eduwonka. This provides the institution with real-time insights into academic performance, financial health and key action items to make smarter decisions. To get feedback from an objective source is an amenity that helps all parties involved endlessly and Eduwonka caters to exactly this. It helps the management better itself and strive for high functionality and the students understand their performance graphs and aim to better themselves.

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Allows the teachers to plan out their lessons.
Makes it easy for the parents to stay updated about everything.
Provides insights about the performance and academic inclinations of each child.
Allows the extensive school curriculum to be viewed by the parents.
Makes planning for each student’s future easy with data analytics and visualizations.
Makes it easy to manage the various facilities that the institution provides.
Management staff can easily stay updated and come up with solutions regarding the operations of different departments.


When Neha reached secondary school, due to my inability to grapple with how I had to change certain things because she had grown, she started to distance herself from me. This affected me very deeply but thanks to Eduwonka and its communication feature, I was able to keep a close eye on her and be in constant touch with her teachers. I had a good understanding of Neha’s academic performance and behavior at school and was able to properly have conversations with her openly. The balance that has now been struck makes for a beautiful relationship between us where she confides in me about her academia and her future plans and goals.

There have earlier been instances where our library had lost certain books due to the lack of a proper system to track incoming and outgoing books. Not just that, our library was ill-equipped to help the students with providing information on library resources. This was something that Eduwonka helped us change with its library management tool. Now, our library is one of the major things that bring us pride and its management is stellar due to how easy it has become to handle it.

Finance is an aspect of our management that would sometimes get quite messy. This was due to mismanagement and lack of systematic updates. Eduwonka amended this with ease. Not only does Eduwonka provide us with timely updates about fees collection, it also comes equipped with a tracker that keeps note of who has submitted the fees and who has yet to do so.


It is known that a secondary school child requires a very sensitive yet strong guide that leads the way for them academically and otherwise. Eduwonka understands this and therefore provides its users with a set of features that do precisely that.

Feedback about their individual performances so they can gauge their strengths and thereby plan for the future.
Provides them with the ability to keep track of the syllabus digitally.
Keeps them updated about school activity with the event calendar that is made available to them.
Helps the institution provide seamless facilities to the children so their experience is enriching to the very hilt.
Communication facilities between the teachers and the parents are seamlessly provided to make the environment comfortable for the students.
Digital notice boards to help the students keep up with schoolwork even if they get caught up elsewhere.
The idea that our institution could capitalize on communication facilities between the parents and the teaching staff so as to promote an environment that would be most amicable for the students involved was something that had not crossed our minds at all. When we started using Eduwonka, we got to know a lot about the students from a different perspective which helped us in assisting them wherever they would require it.

One such case was Aliya who used to be an extremely quiet student in class. Only with this communication facility did it come to the teaching staff’s notice that such was her condition due to a nervousness regarding her academic performance. This helped us actively work on this and help him gain confidence in himself. Today, Aliya is a happy student on his way to sit for a variety of competitive exams. Without Eduwonka, we might not have been able to make this possible.
When Sam began his secondary studies, he had to live in a hostel. This was something that I was initially quite apprehensive about. Being a parent, I am always concerned about the well-being of my child. Eduwonka understands this and helped me endlessly with the amazing facilities it came with.

Using it, I could keep communicating with her teachers, I could keep an eye on Sam’s academic performance, I could keep up with the curriculum and most importantly, I could keep an eye on her hostel attendance and sleep peacefully knowing he’s safe.
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