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Kindergarten marks the very first step of a child outside their homes. It is therefore the duty of each institution to help make this first experience of each child the very best one in every way possible. Eduwonka understands this and helps each institution provide their students with a unique experience keeping each child’s behaviour, interests and inclinations in mind.

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Kindergarten children need to be dealt with a lot of care on the institution’s behalf. This is considered by Eduwonka which provides the institution with the ability to tailor the curriculum schedule in accordance to their individual likes and dislikes. Teachers can consider the activities that brought about the active participation of the students and those that didn’t fare well with them. Keeping them in mind, they can plan out their curriculum. We aim to help kindergartens encourage the development of children in a manner that is ultimately enriching.


Every child is the apple of their parent’s eyes. Therefore Eduwonka comes equipped with various communication tools to help keep the parents in the loop. Every parent can now keep in constant touch with the teacher regarding anything important with the help of the Personal Communication tools. The teachers can also update the parents using the same.

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This aims to help keep a track on how your child is faring. Daily kindergarten activities consist of a wide variety of things, ranging from enriching lessons to fun captivating activities. This tool helps you keep an eye on how well they’re coping with each activity.


Feedback on how one can better their teaching methods is a very valuable asset in an industry concerned with the development of a child. Eduwonka, with its data analytical tools, provides parents and teachers with statistics concerned with attendance, lesson performance and behavioural assessments as well.

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Provides a more holistic view into performance assessments, going beyond academics to also cover other aspects of a child’s development, such as behaviour, socialising, class fit, etc.
Encourage families and educators to play a more active role in the child’s learning.
Provide more visibility for parents into the child’s growth and learning progress.
Creates benchmarks for parents and children to continue their growth and learning progress on through to primary school.


My child had a meek disposition. He was innately a very soft-spoken child which made him easy bait for class bullies. Eduwonka provides me with tools that help me keep in touch with his class teacher regarding any such mishaps. I would generally stay very tensed about how he’s doing in class but with this tool, I am kept updated regarding his performance very easily.

As a parent, it is nerve-wracking to let go of my child even for a few hours. The idea of leaving my child alone out of my sight for a few hours was something that made me very nervous. However, Eduwonka was something that genuinely took into view all my concerns and did away with it. The most useful feature it provided me with is the ‘Communication’ feature with which I could keep in touch with the teachers with ease. Knowing my uneasiness, the teachers made it a point to report to me initially. This eased my anxiety and helped me relax. Moreover, seeing my child grow interested in academics and watching her growth through all the information made available on Eduwonka also helped me endlessly.

The core concern of my job is to ensure the growth of the children I teach. Kindergarten students are mere children and to shape their minds in an intelligent way is my job. Every child is unique in their own way and each will grow in an atmosphere that they fit best in. Eduwonka provides me with data analytical tools which helps me create the specific atmosphere needed by my students. I can tailor the activities, programs based on their specific needs and responses to them. This small step helps them in a huge way!


Kindergarten is one of the preliminary steps taken by a child into the world. Eduwonka understands the sensitivity of this experience and therefore proceeds to create an extremely enriching and protected environment for them. This overall holistic approach has led to various results along these lines:

The institution works on statistical analysis provided to them by Eduwonka. This leads to children being more eager to attend class and participate in them actively.
A fresh approach to every activity or lesson is undertaken with reference to the behavioural pattern of the children. This leads to them being intrigued by it and showing interest on their own.
Co-curricular activities are planned in such a manner that the children learn to communicate and grow.
The children are constantly kept an eye on to ensure that their experience has no negativity in it.
Parents are kept in the loop constantly. There are special communication tools that are made available to the users to ensure that the teachers and parents remain in contact with ease.
The performance of each student is objectively recorded by Eduwonka. This helps the teachers figure out which method to use to better their individual performances. That way, each kindergarten student receives help in the areas that they are weak in.
Learning in their homes is encouraged. This is done by setting them homework whenever required. Their parents can be informed about it via the communication tools as well.
Ashish was not the teacher’s favourite. He was an extremely mischievous boy who would only be concerned with stirring up trouble. Academics was never his concern. This resulted in extremely appalling results and loads of parent-teacher meetings due to things he would do in class. This went on to a point where I was absolutely helpless. However, things took a drastic turn for the better with Eduwonka.

This software brought so much of Ashish’s academic tendencies to the fore, it highlighted the activities he excelled at, it helped us keep track of his attendance, it helped the teachers stay in touch with me easily, it helped them objectively analyse his results and create a plan best suited for Ashish.

This helped to the extent that now Ashish comes back home and willingly spends some time with his books. His mischievous tendencies haven’t left him for without them, he’d lose a part of himself but somewhere along the line, Eduwonka made him understand the importance of balance and knowledge. For this, I’m extremely thankful.
When it came to the time for Srilekha to actively make a decision about what her future holds, she was absolutely clueless. She could not decide on a single path which would hold the most potential for her.

However, with Eduwonka, this ceased to be a problem. Eduwonka provided Srilekha with a map showcasing her performance records with stealthy analysis of her strengths and weaknesses. This was what helped her assess her performances, enabling her to make a decision regarding her future prospects with ease.
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