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Junior College education is one of the preliminary steps taken by a student into a field of specialisation. Such an environment can be overwhelming for a student who has just entered it. Eduwonka understands this and therefore provides the institution with various facilities to make for an experience that is enriching in every way possible.

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Eduwonka understands how necessary good planning is for a student to truly be provided with a lesson plan that is enriching from all fronts. This responsibility falls on the shoulders of the teaching staff. With Eduwonka’s facilities, such as the syllabus tracker, individual performance feedback, events calendar and constant updates from all fronts, this is a task made infinitely easier for the teachers. They can now plan out their lessons in accordance to every little thing that would have escaped their notice earlier therefore, making for an experience that truly benefits the student.


Without smooth communication between all parties involved, an institution will falter. With the various communication facilities that Eduwonka comes with, this is easily avoided. In fact, Eduwonka provides the institution with a much-needed teacher-parent communication feature. Using this is mutually beneficial to the parties involved and leads to the unparalleled growth of the student. Moreover, with the academic and events calendars, along with the constant updates provided to the students, everyone is easily kept in the loop regarding both academics and cultural activities. Eduwonka also communicates regular updates to the management regarding the different departments seamlessly.

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Eduwonka comes equipped with various tracking facilities for all parties involved. The teacher can track the syllabus alongside the performances of every student. The students can track their strengths and weaknesses as well as their performance records. The management can track the smooth working of every segment of every department. The parents can track their child’s academic performances as well. Tracking is essential for each party to stay ahead and this is something Eduwonka understands and caters to in various ways.


An additional feature that Eduwonka brings to the table is that of objective data analysis. Systematic feedback from an objective source about how the students are faring goes a long way in helping them gauge their strengths and weaknesses. This is a feature that adds an additional edge to the performance of each student. Using this, a teacher can amend her lessons to help the children. The students can use this to their own benefit with ease as well. Eduwonka understands the manifold uses of objective data analysis and therefore, provides an institution with this stellar benefit.

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How Eduwonka Helps Junior Colleges

Provides students with a specialised syllabus tracker with which they can keep up with the extensive curriculum.
Makes it easy for all parties involved to keep an eye on the overall academic progress of each student.
Academic and events calendar to help everyone keep up to date.
An intuitive and real-time academic and performance dashboard to keep the students updated about where their strengths and weaknesses lie.
Communication facilities for the teachers to keep in touch with the parents and vice versa.
Seamless holistic functioning of every department leading to highly functional facilities being made available to the students.
Provides the teaching staff with facilities which allows them to plan out their lessons in a manner that makes for maximum growth.


One of the primary responsibilities that befall every teacher in the junior college level is that they have to ensure that the transition from school to a course with a higher level of specialisation is seamless for every student. This requires attention to lesson planning which is made infinitely easier with the resources that are pooled in through Eduwonka. Eduwonka provides us with the ability to instantly regard every little thing, starting from the syllabus to the college events, from the reports of the students to their strengths and weaknesses to accordingly come up with a lesson that is flawless from all fronts. My colleagues and I have noticed a general trend of consistently improving performances from our students after we began using the various amenities that Eduwonka provides us to plan out the lessons for them.

With the introduction of Eduwonka into our institution, our management team has been provided with various amenities which helps us stay at the top of the game. With constant updates from all the departments, it is extremely easy for us to come up with solutions to ensure the normal working of the institution. Moreover, with regular updates on the events calendar through Eduwonka, it is very easy for us to coordination every department to ensure their smooth working during those events. Overall, Eduwonka makes the job of the managing staff much easier with its excellent tracking abilities and this goes on to make our institution work seamlessly.

One of the greatest things that Eduwonka helps us with is Communication. We understand just how important teacher-parent dynamics are and Eduwonka caters to this in a great way. Now, the parents can perennially keep an eye on how their children are faring academically and otherwise. The teachers can also keep them in the loop regarding activities and developments while the parents can do the same. The goal of every institution is to always look for ways to make the student’s experience better and this method truly goes a long way in doing that.

How The Junior College Students Are Helped

Junior College is popularly recognized as being the first step into adulthood. This makes the students quite apprehensive about going into it. Eduwonka strives to make this transition from school to college much easier for the students in various ways.

It allows the students to be confident about being in control by constantly providing them with information about the activities of the institution.
Provides them with facilities to keep a record of their performances.
Allows them to track their strengths and weaknesses.
Provides them with an online syllabus tracker that they can track against.
Allows them to maintain a balance in their academic and cultural activities.
Helps them plan with the help of objective feedback about their performances.
Keeps them updated about every college activity.
Helps the management provide the students with whatever facility they need.
Rachael is a very creatively gifted child. While academics wasn’t the strongest of her suits, her dedication to events and other cultural activities made her stand apart from everyone. While she continuously managed to get accolades in that area, her lack of academic prowess was a cause for great concern.

With the introduction of Eduwonka however, she managed to strike a perfect balance in her life. This was due to their events calendar which would notify her about the various events alongside the syllabus tracker, the availability of digital performance records and the tools that would notify her of academic updates.

These greatly helped her on her journey, along with the additional push from the teacher who could assess her strengths as well as weaknesses through Eduwonka and make lesson plans accordingly. Today, she is both academically and creatively balanced.
Maria had been exceedingly concerned about her field of specialisation in junior college and university for a long time. Understandably so, since these choices for would shape her entire career.

This is a gargantuan task for every student, and it was only due to Eduwonka that this was made easy for Maria. One of the primary features that Eduwonka boasts of is the objective data analysis that they provide the institution with.

Students are provided with a record of their strengths, weaknesses and their individual performances. This helps them make note of everything and pick a specialisation based on it. Precisely this is what helped Maria out of her dilemma and choose a perfect stream for herself academically.
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