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Once a student enters the specialisation of their choice, their studies become far more complex. They have competitive exams to prepare for, along with college or university education that is on a much higher level than what secondary school was. This is where coaching institutions come in. Eduwonka understands the approach of these coaching institutions based on education as well as management and serves to help them reach the best of their abilities!

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Eduwonka provides coaching institutions with insights about how they are academically faring in comparison to the other coaching institutions. This allows the management to come up with easy solutions to ramp up the institution on all fronts. The teachers are provided with online syllabus trackers with which they can plan out their curriculum. The students are provided with question papers, their performance reports and syllabuses as well. This makes planning easy for both teachers and students.


Eduwonka understands that opting for coaching is equivalent to taking studies to a new level - one that requires special help from the teachers involved. When taking up specialization studies, the student benefits from being in contact with their teacher. Eduwonka makes this possible with the communication feature which allows students and teachers to stay in contact with each other.

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This feature allows the management to keep an eye on every department of the institution. Financial updates about fees submission, infrastructural updates as well as academic information are digitally provided to the management. This helps them track every aspect of their institution and stay updated.


One of the key features that Eduwonka provides its users with is that of data analysis. This feature provides the users with an objective source that gives them feedback about their work. It allows the management to find out just where they’re lagging allowing them to make up for lost ground with ease. Moreover, a performance report of the students allows them to realize just where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

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They provide the institution with analytical data regarding the institution’s performance.
Helps each institution be aware of their competition’s performance.
Tracks the strengths and weaknesses of each student with the aim to help them progress towards a vocation best suited for them.
Helps management work on finance matters with ease.
Can be used to prepare certificates for leaving, etc.
Helps the students track their syllabus digitally.
Allows the management to easily keep up with the attendance patterns of students, teachers, as well as administrative staff.


We wanted our coaching institution to be at the top of the game and Eduwonka provided us with a very easy way to make this possible. Using Eduwonka’s data analytical feature, we could keep track of our progress in comparison to our other institutions. That way, we could compare the progression graphs of both and come up with ways to implement changes. This allowed us to stay ahead of the game and provide our students with the very best of everything.

Coaching institutions are made available to numerous students. This doubles up the pressure on management. The higher the number of students, the higher the amount of work in the institution. This was something that made managing Finance difficult for our team. However, this is no longer a problem due to the digital prowess of Eduwonka, which allows us to keep track of our Finance matters with ease. We can easily track due, incoming and outgoing payments and this has increased our efficiency significantly.

My plans required a lot of hard work on my part. This was precisely why I joined a coaching institution to begin with. I needed the extra help for me to achieve my goal. Eduwonka made that possible for me through its various features it made available to me. I was provided with feedback regarding my performances which helped me gauge my strengths and weaknesses. I had facilities which allowed me to contact my professors whenever I needed it. Without these facilities, I would not have done as well as I did.


Eduwonka understands the level of specialization that comes with coaching institutions which is why it aims to make the work easy for the students involved. This is something they accomplish in various ways:

Keeps them updated about institution work with ease.
Provides them with syllabus trackers.
Makes question papers and other intricate details available to them.
Allows them to keep track of their strengths and weaknesses using the data analysis feature.
Provides them with communication facilities with their teachers.
Vishal was the head boy at his school. This required him to perfectly balance his academics and his creative tasks which would have become quite a burden for him had it not been for Eduwonka’s superb tracking and monitoring abilities, the events calendar alongside the constant academic and creative updates.

With them, he could easily assist in the various activities and inter-college fests as well as keep up academically.
The extensive syllabus in school gave me a lot of stress and anxiety. In fact, with such a vast course syllabus, along with other co-curricular events and my own social life, it all became a little too hard to balance.

However, with Eduwonka providing me with constant academic updates, a digital syllabus tracker and an events calendar, balancing it all has become much easier!
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